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The Batman Anime – Preview

by Geek

Earlier today, a footage was uploaded regarding the Batman Anime (Batman Ninja) which was first shown at New York Comic Con.

Though the looks of Batman itself, is more like those that was presented in previous animated Batman movies, this one’s more bulkier. What more when Batman himself turns into a Ninja!?

Given the teaser, Batman Ninja feels more like Batman Samurai as he wore the armor of the military nobility of Japan during the earlier period but it’s worth noting that Joker himself looks more crazier than ever! It was like a possessed version of the late Heath Ledger’s Joker version.

Included in the teaser are characters Harley Quinn and Cat Woman. Other than those are characters we’re going to wait to find out!

Check out these two teasers of Batman Ninja

So what do you think of this new Anime coming into town!?
Drop your comments below!

Image Source: [1-Gizmodo]

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