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Ahiru No Sora – First Impression

by Denueve C.

A new basketball themed sports genre anime has hit an animation studio on the last quarter of last year and it is none other than, Ahiru No Sora. And that’s what we have for you this quarantine. Interested? Then check this out.

Ahiru No Sora is a basketball themed sports anime that has been airing for quite some time now and it’s still airing as of checking its MAL side notes. As a common setup for the sports genre, Ahiru No Sora starts off from the ground up. Which actually makes perfect sense if you’re coming from a sports anime. Otherwise, there’s not much of a show to watch. Not unless of course if there is a sports genre that actually didn’t came from ground up. Without further ado, let’s proceed to our checklist.

Music and Voice Actors

First thing’s first. The first opening honestly feels like it doesn’t fit that much. It tried to catch up later on but it’s falls more for a slice-of-life tune in my opinion. Voice actors sure suits their characters just fine. Though I didn’t get to recall all of them as of this writing but after checking out a few clips. I’d say, yeah. Just as I would imagine the voices of each characters.


Honestly speaking, I haven’t been watching Ahiru No Sora for quite some time now. I think I didn’t even made it past a 15 episode mark. Though don’t get me wrong. I honestly adore the animation. I’ve been waiting for it weekly ever since its premiere but eventually lost my spark to the craft. It’s not about the animation though.


For the storyline, I’d say I got hooked. Just like as I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, sports themed anime normally started off with either a totally flopped character or a team lacking members of some sort. Then going for the tremendous character and skill development eventually overcoming obstacles along the way. They’d even go head-to-head with a top performing opposition and will make it or break it. That one actually goes 50:50.


For my conclusion, sad to say I eventually grew tired of the series. It had a great start. Personally I thought this would be a new basketball themed anime I’d be following after Slam Dunk never follow through. Before I even hit the depths of the series it easily felt like the fillers of a mainstream anime. I mean it’s that annoying where you make a list of fillers you have to avoid. I had no grudge to this series. It was great. Guess, it just paced too slow for me hence this conclusion.

Got anything you want to say? Or perhaps a suggestion you may want to add? Drop your comments below!

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