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LIMBO Android Game – Review

by Geek

LIMBO. A gloomy themed game that lets you be a child on a dark and horrific environment trying to survive the dangers all by yourself. If you really want horror themed puzzle game, then we believe that this could really suit you best.


“Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters LIMBO” – says the description at PlayStore

I’m not technically good on stories but it seems pretty convincing. It really felt like you’re in the game itself as you pay attention to every details. The creepy thing about this is that at some point of the game you could get brain controlled by a worm, meet Giant Spiders, a few NPCs that are also trying to kill you with their traps and weapons. The thing that creeps me most is the fact that a boy will be stepping on DEAD FLOATING bodies in game plus giving the freedom to drag the dead body as desired! This is surely and properly categorized under Medium Maturity!


Okay, so the game play is quite simple. You navigate yourself in a continuous flat environment with obstacles that you must overcome each step of the way. Everything is quite simple except for the fact that you will be using your heads to solve some puzzles to get through.

The puzzles were not that difficult though perhaps at medium, but at least it will make you think for at least a minute or so just to come up with a solution (braniacs, this could be a walk in the park for you so please don’t ruin the setting).

As of the moment, we are still going through the challenges so there might be a few parts were we could definitely get stuck which means, this review could have a PART 2! So stay tuned for that.


The graphics is basically 2D in a black and white environment ; a scene perfect for the set up but a little off if based on modern quality.


Sounds were also perfect by choice if you ask me. Just enough to make things creepy but still that good to help you focus. Each step of the protagonist also initiates a sound but it seems there’s a bit of a problem on this feature. Sounds are very low when nearly full but is maxed out when full on one of our devices while when we played it on a local brand phone, there was no sound at all!

Setting that aside each body pierced, water splashes, falling on high places and wood creeks have their own detail making this side of the game pretty much astounding!

But what is Limbo anyway? According to Wikipedia Limbo is referred to as the “edge of Hell”. – is a speculative idea about the afterlife condition of those who die in original sin without being assigned to the Hell of the Damned

Back on the game, there is not much detail given except for the fact that he is looking for his older sister on Limbo. First released on XBOX Live Arcade made by a Danish game developer PlayDead.

After a few pages on the web, it seems that Limbo has been around for roughly five years as it celebrates its anniversary on July and is now available on many different platforms that includes Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, SteamOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android, OnLive.

Since we are playing this on our Android device, Limbo could be bought on Playstore for Php. 229.15 as of this writing and is currently downloaded around 500,000+ on PlayStore alone with a near perfect rating!


This game definitely hooked us up! A great addition for our pastime with its thrilling and exciting gameplay and logical problems!

For those interested, please support Limbo by buying this awesome game at your preferred platforms! Visit their site at: www.playdead.com

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