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DanMachi – Opinion

by Denueve C.

Recently popping on my feeds is Is it wrong to pick up girls in the Dungeon? or DanMachi for short due to its upcoming second season. Having its first run way back 2015, it’s not relatively new to have other seasons making a follow-up a few years after. Though it didn’t really get into my list back when I was a few years younger.

Is it Good?

First thing’s first. Is it good? – Well, yes. Driving the hopeful spirit within me, I’d say it’s a yes. From a journey starting from the bottom of “the foodchain” just like the typical Shonen series, the main protagonist, Bell Cranel is off to set his goals to reality. Just so it’s clear, there are quite a lot of lewd scenes here so you may want to stray it off to the younger audiences.

Music and Voice Actors

What I normally check before anything else is the music (regardless if opening, closing or background music) and its corresponding voice actors. A good intro normally hooks almost anyone so a great pitch wouldn’t be so bad. While you’re at it, might as well check with the voice actors as you’ll be listening to them throughout the series. So how was it? The opening and closing suits the theme well. An adventurous and hopeful piece and just lively enough that makes it feel as if this is just the beginning. Voice actors is pretty much acceptable. I couldn’t say much about it since I’m no expert on that but I guess I could say enough when I thought that the voice acting was definitely bad. Or at the very least out of proportion. This one’s still good though. Still hoping for better on Season 2.


Animation was handled by a veteran studio when it comes to producing series that we have come to love so I’d say ’twas still handled pretty well. I specially loved a specific one on one battle our Bell has handled though there were not much screen time about it. Guess other details really have to be pointed out to emphasize the protagonists’ growth.


This on the other is pretty much plain and simple. The kind where we could always predict what would happen on the end. A few twists here and there just to keep things interesting but nevertheless, it seems you could get a grasp of it right off the bat. One thing I’d say I really loved about it is that they gave importance to those smiths that was almost always neglected even in some MMORPGs. Hooray for the Blacksmiths!


Despite the very typical approach, I’d still say I love how it played out. Yes, we knew what would happen. The same reason why some fall for novels and all, because we long for that rainbow after a good drench on the rain. Does that stops us from watching this kinda mainstream series handed out to us? NO. Because all the while, we are always longing for the greater achievement at the end of the day. We never stayed and watched to wait for the antagonists’ turn to rise. We’re watching because we loved how things turned out okay.

Of course we do have antagonists we have come to appreciate every once in a while. Just like how Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight became the most widely appreciated version. These series were watched because the protagonists were loved. So setting aside the very typical dish served. The season came out fine. I sure am excited to get a hold of the second season soon.

Got anything for you want to say? Or perhaps a suggestion you may want to add? Drop your comments below!

Image Credit: DanMachi Wikia

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