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Silver Spoon Anime – Review

by Denueve C.

Also known as Gin no Saji, is a slice of life anime that laid out the story of a frustrated urban raised senior high student; who chooses to study Agriculture to escape his family. The anime fortunately had two completed series while having 15 manga volumes as of November 14, 2019. Laying low from the mainstream anime series, a friend suggested to try this. Well, it’s not what I expected.

Is it Good?

Without further ado, I just wanted to say that it’s worth a shot. Honestly speaking, I LOVED the anime as it portrays very realistic scenarios and the story line was very close to the (my) heart. Setting personal yields aside, it is not the typical anime. It’s plays a story that hooks people through a true to life approach especially if there’s a desire for rural living. A few superficial if any but still, it’s not what you’d easily expect for an anime.

Music and Voice Actors

Music blends well as it oozes a very rural feel like having a vacation. I think it was well suited for the anime’s genre both for Season 1 and 2. Voice actors did blend just as fine with the characters so there’s not much to comment about that.


Despite having made by a different studio than one of the author’s most widely known work – Full Metal Alchemist, Silver Spoon doesn’t fall short being the slice of life genre it was supposed to be. Transition, effects and the environment was well portrayed.


The storyline of Silver Spoon, is just as straightforward as it is for the first  season – the story of a student trying to prove himself and tried to runoff by studying on a distant school. However, season 2 was more of a blow right at the guts as it portrays the life, expectation and dreams of those living on farm lands.


As this was one of the very few Slice of life anime genre I’ve watched as of this writing, I really felt glad that it didn’t disappoint. It made me even forget that I’m supposed to write a review/opinion for itself and I just bathed in its awesomeness.

Come to think of it, I guess this is the kind of story that this generation needs.

Got anything you want to say? Or perhaps a suggestion you may want to add? Drop your comments below!

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