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Terror in Resonance – Opinion

by Denueve C.

While waiting for my weekly Anime watch list to be updated, I have found this series which always shows up. Terror in Resonance – also known as Zankyō no Teroru is a short anime series that has a dark setting. It’s original run consists of only 11 episodes which is pretty convenient. Especially if you’re only watching it during breaks. (This is me at an aging stage)

So without further ado, let’s proceed with this short review.

Music & Voice Actors

Yes, it seems that I always try to start with this one. For a short series, their voice actors did not feel off. It suits the team well until foreign entities came into place such. Well, you couldn’t blame them as there’s a need for English characters on the latter part of the series. The music and somewhat all related to the effects are perfectly in place!


Proceeding with the animation, since this was released just a couple of years before this writing, animation is expected to be neat. Made under MAPPA, who also worked on Hajime No Ippo and Dororo, things are definitely going well.


Honestly speaking, I never thought that this mystery packed short series would turn out so well. For something that was compressed on an 11-episode series, the emotion, thrills and pauses suits the whole thing.


I really loved watching this short series. Especially during breaks. Every episode will get you thinking about many other things that may or may not concern you. I can’t seem to criticize this more than I thought I should/would. Hence this conclusion. For those looking for a short series to watch, you might as well try this out.

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