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Mushoku Tensei Inspired by Re:Monster

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Mushoku - ReMonster

The popular light novel series known as “Mushoku Tensei” has been turned into both a manga and an anime series. A connection is made between it and another series named “Re: Monster,” which also has an anime version. This is an interesting relationship.

The Influence of “Re: Monster”

Were you aware that the anime series “Re: Monster” was a significant source of inspiration for the production of “Mushoku Tensei”? When the author of “Mushoku Tensei” was browsing through a bookstore, he came across “Re: Monster” and thought it to be captivating. This discovery was the impetus for the development of “Mushoku Tensei.”

Author’s Inspiration

In a tweet from the year 2020, the creator of “Mushoku Tensei” said that “Re: Monster” was one of the reasons that led to the creation of their series. One piece of literature might serve as a source of inspiration for another in the realm of light novels.

The Popularity of the Anime Adaptations

Since the release of the anime adaptation of “Mushoku Tensei” in January 2021, it has quickly become a favorite among fans of isekai series. The “Re: Monster” anime, on the other hand, which made its premiere in April 2024, has not garnered nearly as much attention as the other anime. In spite of this, it continues to receive a high rating on Crunchyroll.

Series Description

The anime series “Re: Monster” tells the narrative of Tomokui Kanata, who is reborn as a goblin with a ravenous appetite, as stated by Crunchyroll. In order to become the leader of the goblins, he makes advantage of his capacity to become stronger through the process of feeding. Utilizing his recollections from the past and his newly acquired physique, he embarks on an adventure in a fantasy realm.

Source: Official Twitter

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