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Artist Recreates Pokemons on a Creepy new level!

by Geek

Concept Artist and Illustrator for Video Games and Film, David Szilagyi recreates some characters of the still on-going series, Pokemon.

As seen from his Art Station profile, Szilagyi publishes a lot of his work including the topic at hand, the creepy Pokemons! Though from an original lovable and friendly concepts of the Pokemon Series, the great Szilagyi transforms ’em to a terrifying creepy creatures.

As written on his Patreon account, Szilagyi fascinates on a dark-themed concept of art which also includes inspiration from famous horror works of art such as Silent Hill, Scary Stories to tell in the Dark, Slender and much more.

Just to drop a few, take a look at his works below.

Just when caterpillars thought Caterpie was a justification to their species, comes a Creepy Caterpie!

Then came Kakuna who was just as dashing on the Pokemon series but no, here comes another Creepy Kakuna! A terrifying pod-looking or better yet alien spaceship that brings doom to humanity.

Though I can’t seem to unsee that this one looks just like an Album Release of an Emo themed rock-band, this Creepy Pidgey sure gives you nightmare. Like it was scavenging on your remains.

Check out more of David Szilagyi’s work on his Art Station profile or contact him via his Patreon account!

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