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Cast Announcement for the Live-Action “Cells at Work” Film

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Cells at Work Live Action

Fans of the well-liked anime series “Cells at Work” have reason to celebrate as the cast of the live-action film version has been unveiled! Takeru Sato will portray the white cell, and Mei Nagano will represent the red cell.

New Trailer

Fans can now get a peek of the live-action movie “Cells at Work” with the release of a new teaser.

About the Series

“Cells at Work!” is a popular manga adaptation based on Akane Shimizu’s work that debuted in Monthly Shōnen Sirius magazine in 2015. Another popular anime adaptation is David Production’s two-season run, which ran from 2018 to 2021.

What is “Cells at Work” About?

“Cells at Work” is a narrative about the cells that make up your body, according to Crunchyroll. It delves into the everyday existence of the 37 trillion cells that comprise the human body, ranging from red to white cells, and the intricate drama that takes place therein.

What to Expect

“Cells at Work!”, the live-action version, attempts to bring this intriguing universe to life on the big screen. The cast, which features Mei Nagano and Takeru Sato in the key roles, promises a thrilling and visually spectacular cinematic experience.

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