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NetEase Games Launches Dancing Dragons Event in Identity V

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Identity-V Dancing Dragons

NetEase Games has just launched an awesome event in Identity V called Dancing Dragons Usher in the New Year. This event is all about celebrating the Lunar New Year! Can you hear ’em dragons already?

What’s New in the Event?

In this event, you’ll get to see a reworked Chinatown map in Identity V. It’s been beautifully decorated to mark the Year of the Dragon. And guess what? There are mysterious Dragon Dance items scattered all over the map!

To help you explore the map in style, NetEase Games is giving everyone ten free draws and an A Costume Unlock Card. Plus, there are new login rewards, including outfits for the Mechanic and Gardener. So, you’ll have some awesome new stuff to show off to your friends!

Meet the New Survivor: Puppeteer – Matthias Czernin

Now, let’s talk about the new survivor in Identity V. His name is Matthias Czernin, and he’s a puppeteer. Matthias has a lifelike puppet named Louis, but he doesn’t really like it. You see, Louis is getting all the attention from Matthias’ family, and he feels left out.

Identity V - Matthias
Identity V – Matthias

One day, Matthias decides to burn the puppet, but it leads to a terrible accident. His parents get hurt, and Matthias is seriously injured. He thinks Louis is gone for good, but guess what? Another crate arrives after some time, and Louis is back! No matter how many times Matthias tries to get rid of him, Louis always finds his way back.

On Matthias’ 24th birthday, he receives another crate with a badge that leads him to a mysterious Manor. What secrets will he uncover there?

Chinese New Year Events and Rewards

The celebration of the Year of the Dragon will continue throughout the month in Identity V. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • On February 7, 2024, new Chinese-style furniture will be added. How cool would it be to decorate your in-game space with these?
  • On February 9, 2024, new skins for several characters will be released. You’ll have even more options to customize your favorite characters!
  • And on February 10, 2024, all players who log in will receive ten (10) free draws. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

If you want to know more about Identity V, you can check out their official website and Twitter page:

By the way, last year’s Chinese New Year event in Identity V introduced a new character and some cool skins. So, this year’s event is definitely something you don’t want to miss!

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