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Tencent to Release Dungeon and Fighter Mobile Game in May

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Tencent Dungeon and Fighter

Tencent is making preparations to introduce Dungeon and Fighter Mobile, an innovative new game that draws inspiration from the renowned Dungeon & Fighter franchise. Fans who were early adopters of the PC version, which was developed by NEXON, have eagerly anticipated the game’s formal arrival in May.

Development and Challenges

Given Dungeon and Fighter Mobile’s established fan base, it should not be too difficult to replicate the success of the PC version. Nevertheless, regulatory issues on the Chinese market caused the game to be delayed from 2018 to 2022. Although the product had been available in Korea since 2022, its release in China was hindered by legal barriers. Nonetheless, the release date has been disclosed at last.

Tencent Dungeon and Fighter Game Screen
Tencent Dungeon and Fighter Game Screen


Fighter Mobile’s gameplay will draw inspiration from the well-known intellectual property Dungeon Hunter, which is renowned for its beat-em-up genre. Users will have the capability to generate havoc for their foes by effortlessly pressing buttons to activate potent combos. Additionally, the game provides a multitude of customization choices, enabling players to personalize the appearance and fighting technique of their character.

Tencent Dungeon and Fighter Screen
Tencent Dungeon and Fighter Screen

Release Date

Tencent has announced that the official release date for Dungeon and Fighter Mobile will be May 21, 2024. It is anticipated that the game will be compatible with both iOS and Android. As the release date approaches, supporters can remain informed of any updated information despite the scarcity of specifics.

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