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The Arrival of Soul Vessels Skin Series in Mobile Legends

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MLBB Soul Vessels Skin

One of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)’s most popular skin series is about to make its debut in the Land of Dawn. The future skin series, Soul Vessels, is inspired by the Soul Vessels upgrade in another game, Mobile Legends Adventure. The series will follow two heroes: Aamon and Hanabi. Let’s get into the details of this fantastic new skin series!

Soul Vessels Lore

It is stated that Aamon and Hanabi will become soul vessels, able to channel the power of the Great Perils. Their weapons have been redesigned to suit their incredible power. Hanabi’s skin, Vessel of Rage, includes a weapon called Peril’s End. Aamon, on the other hand, will be recognized as the Vessel of Deceit, wielding the Claws of Deception. The Great Perils’ might will be visible in their skill effects, which leave traces wherever they strike. Furthermore, these skins will include distinctive voiceovers, allowing players to hear fresh lines and statements from the two heroes.

Exclusive Features

Aside from their unique designs, these skins will include interesting functionality. Players can engage in interactive idle animations outside of fight, as well as separate idle animations and random actions during battle. The skins will also have distinctive Spawn Effects, Battle Emotes, Graffiti, Recall Effects, Elimination Effects, and Killing Notifications. Aamon gets his power from the Beast of Deceit, whilst Hanabi gets it from the Beast of Rage.

Event Details

Players may expect the same event structure as past event-exclusive skins. To obtain the skins, they must gather a certain number of crests and participate in a Draw Event. The Soul Vessels skin series is scheduled to debut on July 6, 2024, MLBB Server Time. Keep a watch out for more information on the event rules, which will become accessible after the event begins in-game. Players can also discover more information in the Patch Notes on the global server. Prepare to feel the might of the Great Perils with the Soul Vessels skin series in MLBB!

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