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Trafalgar Law to Defeat Big Mom?!

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Trafalgar Law to Defeat Big Mom

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It is not new that the great author — Eiichiro Oda, subtlety injects history lessons every now and then on the ever popular and long-running Anime series, One Piece. Then by taking that context a more seriously, it is then believed that through real documented history, one of the infamous worst generation pirate — Trafalgar D. Water Law will be the one to finally put an end to Big Mom’s reign. Yes, at Wano Arc, the current arc as of this writing, two of the worst generation pirates is handling Big Mom but due to this recently posted details on a Facebook Group by the initials MAVT, Law will be the one to take a huge part on this to be a success.


Let’s dig first the details we’ll go through for Big Mom. Big Mom — one of the emperors of the sea is wearing/wielding a bicorne hat that could eventually turned a sword for combat. Now guess what’s that sword’s name? Napoleon. Surely this rings a bell. Napoleon, a known military leader of old times is considered a genius and has led the French army to several success. Now take note of the word, “several”. Yes that could be considered a lot especially during war. But this would also mean one thing. He didn’t win it all. There were some and famously documented defeats of this great leader.


Napoleon’s significance on the detail is surely not something you’d want to miss. ‘Cause due to his few and memorable defeats comes our protagonist — Trafalgar D. Water Law. Maybe it would be hard to find details about “Big Mom” on history, or better yet for her real name “Charlotte” or “Linlin” for that matter, but Napoleon and Trafalgar does indeed have a significant connection.

The famous military leader Napoleon, has two well known defeats. The Battle of the Trafalgar and the Battle of Waterloo. Ring a bell? You’ve got to be kidding me if you let this slide and you reached near-end of our article. With the Will of D carried by our protagonist on this article, you’d immediately get the idea. You may call it foreshadowing or theory or what not. But this is with high probability that the Death Surgeon — Trafalgar D. Water Law will be a key factor on defeating Big Mom. As history repeats itself, One Piece universe will probably rejoice on such win.


In relation this theory/probable foreshadowing, did you know that after Napoleon — the military leader lost the battle of Waterloo, he was exiled to Elba? Now wasn’t Big Mom a former resident of the land of the giants in One Piece named Elbaf?

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