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Zooba – Mobile Game Review

by Geek

With the trend keeps on coming for MOBA category games, a gem has been hidden for far too long. Well, I guess not really hidden as it stands with 10M in Google Play Store downloads alone! Zooba – Zoo Combat Battle Royale Games is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game with a fast paced nature.


As a MOBA game, Zooba gives off an exciting survival feel to its players. The game starts of in a zoo where you are surrounded with a few regular guards and one legendary guard. Together with it are other Zooba players using different animals as their avatars. With the cartoonized avatars, you will be tasked to be the last man – err animal standing as you battle with other zoo dwellers for the top spot. The arena will later on be engulfed in flames as it narrows down to a specific center point randomly on the map. (Same concept from rules of survival game)

Being nearly true to its nature, Zooba creates animal avatars with each unique traits. For example, the Gorilla would smash, the fox would dash and the turtle would hide in its shell. So how would you battle your way to the top? Surprisingly, the arena is filled with weapons. Weapons that poachers of new and old would normally use. To enumerate, there are bow and arrows, shotguns, bombs and spears lying around. Each weapon has a different grade specifically normal, copper, silver, gold and legendary. This varies the damage accordingly as well.

As you bout for the top spot, guards will also try to take you down. From them you’d be able to get the weapon they’re currently using and a first aid kit. While early weaponry is necessary, the legendary weapon which is obviously held by the legendary guard is the best you’d ever get in the game. But do take note that skills and maybe a little bit of luck would be necessary as well.


As a cartoonized concept, sounds and effects are what I would describe as perfectly suited. Explosions and elimination are not as fearful but is rather somewhat blended for the young audiences.


Despite being targeted for the young audience, the game is still fun to play. You’re rewarded just about right for every bout you conquered and does not look like a pay to win game. It is definitely a fast paced game as you are immediately evicted after being eliminated but with an option to spectate. I think the game is definitely praise worthy but on a personal note, I would want to see a different map some time soon as the terrain is currently repetitive.

Interested? The game is available at Play Store and App Store.

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