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Warframe Mobile Coming Soon!

by Geek
Warframe soon on your mobile devices

Hello, players! Get ready for some exciting news! You’re in for a treat if you’re an ardent Warframe fan. Get ready because Warframe’s creators, Digital Extremes, have revealed details about their upcoming project: a sci-fi action game that will dominate the iOS and Android markets. What a game-changer, you say?

Beta Buzz: Prepare to Take Off

Hold on, you’re about to experience even more excitement! The Android Closed Beta Test (CBT) phase is rapidly approaching, according to rumors circulated online. By enrolling in advance on the official Warframe website, you can guarantee your spot if you can’t wait to get started. A quick tip: make sure you have your reliable Warframe account. If you are selected, you will receive an invitation via email. Who wouldn’t want to be among the first to feel this excitement, right now?

Release Schedule: Secret Revealed Soon

When will all of this amazing gaming content be released? We know you’re itching to know. The short version is that we still don’t know the precise date of the CBT. But fear not—you’ll be the first to know as soon as the insiders reveal the truth. Furthermore, an official release date for the full game’s grand unveiling has not yet been announced. Digital Extremes did, however, reveal that iOS users will experience Warframe Mobile before their Android counterparts, so get your gaming gear and buckle up. Apple enthusiasts, get ready to explore the Warframe universe!

Put Digital Calendars on Note

A meaty nugget for your gaming agenda: Warframe Mobile is reportedly getting ready for an iOS release on February 20, 2024, if the crystal ball in the Apple App Store is to be believed. Yes, put that day boldly on your calendars and get set to go on an amazing gaming adventure. We’re excited to see you all in the Warframe universe as the countdown approaches!

Gamers, get your thumbs ready—this is going to get real!

Image Source: Warframe

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