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6 Offline Games to play this pandemic – Playstore Suggested!

by Geek

During this lock down period, games have been our go-to guy to let time pass by. Be it consoles, PCs, mobile or physical games, these are what keeps ourselves mentally healthy at the very least and to keep us from boredom. Now if you’re one of those who doesn’t have the gears to play a video games on a console or computers, check out this offline game list handed to us by Google Playstore. May this help us cure our boredom.

As notified, these games are labeled as their favourite offline games so why not give it a go? Without further ado, the 6 offline games that made the cut.

1 – Paper Wings

As featured in the PlayStore’s Early Access and Indie Corner, currently standing with a 4.4 rating on over 29,000 votes is Paper Wings. Initial vibe has a Flappy Bird feel but surely has its uniqueness among the rest of the Arcade category.
Did we mention you could choose from a variety of birds as well!?

2 – Adventure Llama

Currently standing with a 4.5 rating on over 27,000 votes. Adventure Llama is a pixel based adventure type game which according to early feedback tease your brain and make you laugh at the same time!

3 – Space Marshals 2

Standing with a 4.3 rating on over 81,000 votes. Space Marshals 2 is a sci-fi action mobile game with loads of guns, tactics and more guns? Haven’t actually played the game yet but screens were definitely outstanding in graphics! Will definitely line this up on our backlog “games to play

4 – I Love Hue

A Color Grid game with a 4.7 rating on over 215,000 votes, I Love Hue is a must-have. It may seem boring but surely it’s challenging. I Love Hue is a puzzle game that makes use of the color hues as the puzzle to solve. With levels depending on HARMONY, PERCEPTION, COLOUR and SERENITY we would definitely recommend having this game on your handheld devices.

5 – Soul Knight

An action game with a 4.5 rating on over 905,000 votes, Soul Knight! With the capability of multiplayer to enjoy with your housemates, if not with your family… Soul Knight brings the action packed retro adventure feel back to your handheld devices.

6 – Bad Land

Last but definitely not the least… Garnering currently from a pool of 1.5 million votes with a 4.6 rating – Bad Land. Just like the previous entry before this. Bad Land has the capability to play with Multiplayer and Cooperative setup. This award winning game which at first glance resembles like a brighter version of Limbo is sure to get you hooked. Uniqueness, aesthetics, you name it!

Too bad since among this list, Paper Wings is the only entry that we could not find in Apple’s App Store as of this writing. Guess we’ll be tuning in to that.

What are your thoughts? Would you agree with this list? Have you experienced playing any from the above? Drop your comments down below.

Game images are grabbed from PlayStore

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