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Another – Anime Review

by Geek

Looking for a creepy anime!? Another’s just the thing for you! Short, creepy and really felt like part of the Japanese folklore in my opinion.

The story revolves on class 3 of Yomiyama North Junior High. A cursed class that doomed not only its students but also their relatives and everyone that’s gains connection to that certain class for its current school year.

When watching this short series, prepare to witness gruesome scenes when the curse falls down on its victims. No censorship. Only artistry. The animators made sure that you’ll have a hard time swallowing by detailing the series of deaths you’ll be witnessing.

The outline of the story was pretty good. It’ll get you hooked by trying to identify the source of the curse. Though I’d say that this is part of those story that will make you think. Not because the mystery was hard to crack but because the sequence of details was properly aligned. It was very neat that will make you rethink if you miss essential details in solving the case.

As for solving the case behind the curse of class 3, I’m pretty sure that you’ll miss that detail until the last episode. If I’m wrong, then I’ll just say that I was so hooked on the plot that I never even considered the options.

A creepy anime packed with a mystery. Who knew that an anime could portray such a genre that will make you chill?

Image Source: AlphaCoders

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