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Erased – Anime Review

by Geek

If you’re looking for a time-travel related anime to watch, then this one’s just right for you! Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi also known by its English title Erased is a detective like themed anime. The plot revolves on Fujinuma the protagonist who has the ability he called “Revival” which allows him to turn back into time to prevent tragedies.

Composed of 12 solid episodes, you will feel the twisted ideology of the antagonist while being held in the determination of the young delivery guy’s righteous beliefs.

Though it’s a mystery themed series, identifying the antagonist will become a breeze after a few hints that will come along the way. Sad to say it’s not the kind that will surprise you during the big revelation. However, even if the series was plain and pretty much straight forward, it was exciting on the last part. Twisted revelation but exciting.


To end this review, I’d say that Erased is worthwhile to watch. You may find it a bit boring at the beginning but comprehending the story definitely gives you hope for a better future.

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