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Two of Bonney’s Crew was saved by Kuma before

by Denueve C.
One Piece Jewelry Bonney Crew

Are the kids that Kuma saved before later on ended up as crewmates of Bonney?

In Chapter 1096 of One Piece, a panel where two kids are shown as they were healed by Kuma. Kuma used the same technique that removed all the pain Luffy was experiencing during Thriller Bark Arc. This paw-like balloon of pain is then later on absorbed by Zoro to save the life of his captain.

Back to the topic, the kids that Kuma saved were depicted with mohawk, suspenders and a hat.

Now if you could recall, members of Jewelry Bonney has a crew that looks exactly like those.

For similarities, you could refer to the one on the left most side as the one with the mohawk and the one with the hat as the other kid. Now, knowing that Jewelry Bonney is Kuma’s child, it is without reason to think that the once then kids probably paid homage to Kuma by protecting Jewelry Bonney.

Despite the vast world of One Piece, there are a lot of relations you could see go on the story. With that, I think we could not simply ignore the possibility of this.

How about you? What do you think?

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