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Double Helix Blossom Manga Launched

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Double Helix Blossom Manga

Asaura is the talented creator behind the popular anime Lycorsi Recoil. Fans have been showing a lot of love for this original anime. Recently, Asaura launched a new manga series called Double Helix Blossom in January 2024. This new manga has been highly anticipated by the manga industry and fans alike.

What to Expect

Manga fans are eager to learn more about Double Helix Blossom. They want to know about the story, characters, where it will be published, and more. Let’s dive into this exciting anime news and discover everything about the series!

The Story

Double Helix Blossom is set in a futuristic world and follows the journey of Kiku Shinonome, a police officer. To save her life, she is put into a deep sleep called “cryogenic stasis.” When she wakes up after 60 years, she finds herself in a completely different world. She teams up with Kyo Tsukisagari, a criminal with psychic powers, to solve paranormal incidents.

About the Manga

Written by Asaura and illustrated by Nishiuma Gomeyuki, Double Helix Blossom debuted on January 15, 2024. It currently has 7 manga chapters, with the latest chapter released on March 2, 2024. You can read this action-packed manga in Weekly CoroCoro Comic, a popular manga publisher.


Double Helix Blossom promises an exciting and engaging story with compelling characters. If you enjoyed Lycorsi Recoil, you’re sure to love this new manga series. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest anime news, upcoming manga, and anime movies!

Source: Helix Blossom Twitter

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