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Infestation Origins – A Mickey Mouse-inspired Horror Game by Nightmare Forge

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Infestation Origins

Nightmare Forge Games has just announced their latest game called Infestation: Origins. It’s a spooky co-op survival horror game that you can play with up to four of your friends. The game was revealed shortly after the original Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willie, entered the public domain. Let’s dive into the details!

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie
Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie

About the Game

According to the game’s Steam page, Infestation: Origins is all about exterminating sinister infestations caused by twisted versions of classic characters and urban legends. You’ll be playing as an exterminator, trying to treat these creepy infestations. One of the scariest characters you’ll encounter is the nightmarish version of Steamboat Mickey himself!

How to Play

Here’s a breakdown of how to play the game, as described on the Steam page:

Find the Source

Your first task is to find the source of the infestation. Explore unique locations and uncover the story behind each infestation. Look for ways to access and unlock new areas. Use cameras to keep an eye on the creepy activity. Make sure to maintain power to enable different systems. Finding the source is crucial!

Treat the Infestation

Once you’ve located the source, it’s time to take action! Use a variety of extermination gear to subdue the outbreak. Eradicate all the nests and monstrous fiends lurking around. Remember, sometimes it’s better to run and hide, help your friends, and most importantly, don’t become a victim of the infestation’s spread!


Prepare yourself for a terrifying entity that you’ll need to face and eliminate. Each episode of the game features a different classic character or urban legend responsible for the infestation. Can you survive and save the day?

Multiplayer and Single Player Options

Infestation: Origins allows you to team up with up to four friends and communicate using in-game and global voice chat. You can also join a public lobby to play with other players. But don’t worry if you prefer playing alone, the game is also available for single players.

Game Changes and Controversy

The game was originally called Infestation 88′, but it faced criticism due to its connection to Nazi references. The number 88 can be associated with H.H. or Heil Hitler, which is not something we want in a game. Additionally, the game received backlash for its robotic-sounding dialogue, which used an AI-driven text-to-speech service instead of real voice actors.

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