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Kuroko no Basket – First Impression

by Denueve C.


In the midst of the recent heart-stopping NBA playoffs, let’s tackle an anime that clearly falls in line with the same category.

Kuroko No Basket is a basketball themed anime that has some twists when it comes to techniques. Unlike the famous series from the 90’s – Slam Dunk, this anime adds special techniques which became somewhat popular to sports themed anime during the 2K era.

Given the animation that is pretty neat in itself, the story line is somewhat impressive too. The story revolves on how a “Dream Team” part ways and ends up battling themselves to the top. Or at least that’s how I think the story will continue. Just like from its senior, Slam Dunk, basketball’s goal is to be the best playing team out there.

Since w’ere tackling the minor difference it have from its senior, of course these special techniques were fictional. But despite being too good to be true as to how it was described, these techniques were not at all impossible to accomplish. I believe there were anime – real life comparison circulating on social media some time around that may prove this statement.

A very odd thing about this series is that they are too much of a “Dream Team”. They never miss, they pass with 110{ef8f7c64cf5d82c784f3e58e10df219bf850592878025d3f3a5afe8459a6cc97} accuracy and the feat displayed was definitely beyond human. Of course this is an anime and anything goes on this side of the town. Maybe I was just comparing the two after all. You decide.

I am not really into sports so I probably wouldn’t have much on this one. Feel free to drop your comments below and enlighten me.

Photo Credit:
[1] Yamaguchihoshiko Wordpress

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