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Netcode Warriors : An anime-inspired arena fighting game soon on PC

by Geek
Netcode Warrior

Netcode Warriors is a brand-new arena combat game in which the illustrators responsible for the character designs also contributed to Digimon. It is all about engaging in combat within an anime-inspired digital environment. You can engage in one-on-one combat, invent your own characters and abilities, and demonstrate them in the arena. In the game’s intriguing narrative, the protagonists venture into an uncharted universe teeming with perils and obstacles.

Online Play

You can prove that you are the greatest by participating in online plays. Engage in a variety of challenging game modes, compete against players from around the globe, and even invite your pals to join you in spectator mode for private matches.

Netcode Warriors Announcement Trailer

Other Game Modes

Not fond of online gaming? Absolutely no trouble! In training mode, you can hone your abilities, ascend the arcade ladder, or play with a friend in split-screen mode. In addition, there is a local tournament mode in which players compete for survival against a variety of obstacles.

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