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NetEase Games Introduces ‘Underage Mode’ for a Safer Gaming Space

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What is ‘Underage Mode’?

NetEase Games has recently launched a new feature called ‘Underage Mode’ across all its games. This mode is designed to provide a safe space for younger players. It was introduced in response to China’s new guidelines for the gaming industry, which aim to limit excessive spending on video games.

How Does ‘Underage Mode’ Work?

‘Underage Mode’ is specifically created to limit the access of younger players to certain games. It also helps control addiction by providing tools to manage playtime. The mode includes several protective features, such as a one-click content filtering option and access to the NetEase Parental Care Platform.

Protecting Young Players

‘Underage Mode’ also assists in managing and overseeing game content to protect minors from inappropriate material and potential cyberbullying. Users can enable various options, such as blocking private chat, blocking comments, or even blocking all gaming channels.

Implementation and Future Plans

Currently, ‘Underage Mode’ has been incorporated into the first batch of 34 pilot products, and it has been successfully implemented. This new mode aligns with the existing anti-addiction systems in the region and demonstrates NetEase Games’ commitment to creating a safe gaming environment for younger players.

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