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New Anime Alert: Wistoria: Wand And Sword

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Wistoria Wasnd And Sword

Get ready for a thrilling new anime coming to screens this July 2024! Wistoria: Wand And Sword is based on an action-packed fantasy story by Fujino Omori, the same author behind Danmachi. The key visual and teaser trailer give us a sneak peek into the world of the show.

The key visual introduces us to the main characters, Will Serfort and Elfaria Albis Serfort. The teaser trailer, which is 34 seconds long, gives us a taste of the excitement to come. The music sets the perfect tone for the series, and the animation production by Bandai Namco Pictures looks top-notch. Sayaka Ono’s character designs are on point!

Wistoria: Wand And Sword Cast & Staff

One of the most exciting parts of any anime adaptation is learning about the cast and staff behind the scenes. Voice actors like Kohei Amasaki and Akira Sekine will bring the characters to life.

The talented Tatsuya Yoshihara is directing the series and handling the script. Sayako Ono is the character designer, and Raita Sunaga, Yoshirou Harada, and Ryou Akizuki are in charge of creature design. Studio Easter is handling the art, and Ayako Otsuki is the DOP.

The story follows Will, a determined young man who dreams of becoming a top-class magician. Despite struggling with magic, his impressive sword skills help him navigate dangerous challenges. It’s a tale of perseverance and passion as Will strives to reach the top!

Source: Crunchyroll

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