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Artist Turns MHA Characters to Adorable Sea Creatures

by Geek

Last week, August 24, a My Hero Academia post was shared on the Chinese microblogging site “Weibo”. On the said post, 8 My Hero Academia characters were transformed into mermaid like forms of sea creatures!

With the caption, “It was originally the result of making a picture of the little heroes of my sister. The painting of the mermaid could not stop.” we can’t help but adore this lovely creations!

I honestly think All Might as the Blue Whale suits him perfectly!

Now, Todoroki as a Dolphin? I think I got half a heart for this one.

Ochako as a Jelly fish! Lovely!

Guess the speed was incorporated here. Thumbsup!

Kirishima as a grouper. Could not ask for a better representation.

Kacchan as a Puffer fish! Deadly and looks like an explosive when bloated! Perfect! Now, Deku as an Anemonefish. I was not good at biology or aquamarine so I can’t seem to see the relation on this. Midoriya is indeed the shy type protagonist but it seems a lot of detail was missing.

Lastly, for Aizawa sensei as an Eel! All I have to say is, what a nice sleeping bag! Lol.

We’re looking for other images that looks somewhat the same but ended with nothing just yet. However, if the user Silent Ren made a continuation of this series, we’ll gladly take a look! Kudos!

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Source: Weibo

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