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The Farlight 84 February 2024 Update: Jetslide and More!

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Farlight 84 February Update

The Farlight 84 February 2024 update has arrived, bringing with it an exciting new feature called Jetslide. This feature allows characters to use a JetPack to slide, making their movements faster and bringing back the snappiness that players love about Farlight 84.

Improving the Gaming Experience

The developers have been listening to player feedback and have made some changes to optimize and improve the overall gaming experience. They have addressed issues with weapon aiming and hero design to make the game even better.

Changes to Address Jetpack Issues

In a previous update, the developers made a big change by removing the jetpack from the game. This caused a lot of discussion within the community, as it brought significant changes to the gameplay. To make up for the removal of the jetpack, the developers introduced the Jetslide feature.

Fixing Jetpack Problems in Sunder Realms

Players were facing problems in the newest map, Sunder Realms, where they had to constantly jump to survive in the open field. To solve this issue, the developers added new terrains and ziplines to the map. These additions will help players in any combat situation in the open area.

Improved Jetpack Visibility

In the February update, the developers made the Jetpack trails more visible. This is great news for players who love collecting trail effects, as it adds value to their collection. It also brings back the cool aesthetics of trail effects during team fights.

Hero Reworks and Skill Adjustments

The removal of Jetpacks led to some intensive hero reworks and skill adjustments. Skills like Absolute Gravity, EMP Shock, and Vision Erosion were found to be overpowered. To address player feedback, the developers are adjusting the range and warning mechanisms of these skills. This will balance out the abilities of the characters and make them more counterable on the battlefield.

Improving Match Quality

The introduction of a new map and trio mode had an impact on queuing time and match quality. There was a higher number of bots in the game, which affected the overall experience. To resolve this problem, the developers are temporarily closing maps and modes with low-participating players for rework. This will help improve match quality and reduce the number of bots.

Addressing Player Concerns

The Farlight 84 game received its lowest rating in the Play Store, with a disappointing 1.4-star rating. This was mainly due to the removal of the Jetpack. However, this update aims to address player concerns and introduce an innovative feature to keep the community engaged and excited about the game.

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