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Leaked New Skins Coming to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

by Geek
MLBB Aspirants Unite

The Aspirants Unite Phase 3 is almost here, and it will deliver two brand-new limited-skins for our two favorite heroes, Chang’e and Lesley, according to leaks from the advance server!

The Aspirants Unite: What is it?

The Aspirants Unite is an MLBB event that features a mecha theme. Like other limited-time events, this draw event has a time limit on when you can obtain some incredible skins. There will be two stages to Aspirants Unite, and you can use complimentary tickets for each stage.

Introducing Lesley and Chang’e

According to a sneaky MLBB leaker, Lesley and Chang’e will be getting new Aspirant skins. The most recent Mobile Legends advanced server update served as the foundation for these disclosures.

How to Receive Complimentary Tickets

You’ll have the opportunity to obtain free tickets throughout the event by fulfilling tasks. Because you can use these tickets to win free skins, in-game goodies, or even the Orb of Hopes during the draw event, they are unquestionably crucial!

What Is the Hope Orb?

You can open special boxes with the Orb of Hopes, a unique artifact. You can find limited-edition or special skins within these crates. The best thing about these boxes is that they give you priority in receiving the Aspirant skin that you have yet to get. For that reason, it’s well worth it!

Wonderful Benefits and Savings

Throughout the event, you will be eligible for some incredible savings and rewards. In the first ten drawings, you’re assured an amazing skin, or better! Additionally, the first 1x or 10x draw will be eligible for a 50% daily discount. in order for you to conserve some precious stones and get amazing rewards!

When Can the Event Be Expected?

The Aspirants Unite Phase 3 has us all very excited, but the actual release date hasn’t been revealed yet. So tune in and get set for some incredible new skins!

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