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Anime themed wedding video trends in Social Media

by Geek

Ever dreamt of having a wedding video out of the ordinary? Look no further as a video editor in Parañaque City makes the trend in social media for an anime themed wedding video to the tune of KANA-BOON’s Silhouette.

Yung adik ka sa anime tapos wedding video editor ka (When you’re an anime addict and a wedding video editor at the same time)

Shared on a Facebook post last February 2, 2021 by video creator Kris Gids. The trending video have already garnered 76k+ reactions, 14k+ comments, 74k+ shares and standing on a million+ views as of this writing!

On a post shared by Philippine Star, the video editor created the anime themed wedding video by using a compilation of resources from their clients.

Kris Gids who we are assuming that’s also a fan of Anime made the video to give otakus an inspiration to break free from traditional wedding videos.

As the creator mentioned on his interview with the news media outlet, the astounding video was accomplished within 11 hours and is still making the trend.

I still think that when it comes to weddings, the traditional approach is still more suited for videos. But we may never know, anime music still have a lot in store especially for the closing sound tracks. Don’t get me wrong. What the creator did is great! Hands down. But I would still wait for an anime themed wedding video using a more solemn and heartfelt anime music.

Kris Gid’s Original Post

What are your thoughts on this? Comment your insights below!

Image Source: Kris Gid’s Video

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