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WIND BREAKER Anime Opening Theme Music Video Released!

by Geek
WIND BREAKER Anime Opening Theme Music Video

This is it! The opening theme music video for the cartoon WIND BREAKER is here! We’re all glued to our screens because this cartoon has great animation, cool music, and an interesting plot. Also, guess what? The well-known singer Natori sings the starting theme song, and it’s really catchy!

Natori’s Hit Song

The singer and songwriter Natori has a new track out called “Absolute Zero” on April 5. It was a big hit, and it even got to number 33 on Oricon’s Weekly DST chart. Now, this great song is the main theme for the anime WIND BREAKER. Fans really like it!

Kouka directed the music video for the song, and DEPPA did the amazing cartoons and drawings.


Now, let me tell you a little about WIND BREAKER. Haruka Sakura is the main character. She is new to town and has only just started going to Furin High School. People know this school for having tough kids who keep the town safe by being heroes of justice. It’s Sakura’s goal to be the smartest person in school. Sounds exciting, right?

Source: Crunchyroll

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