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Trip Down Memory Lane

by TheFinalHour

Hi its me again ya boy in this week’s edition of Trip Down Memory lane i will be delivering you some retro anime music you might know the sound and hymn but never knew the title.

  1. Bonnie Pink – It’s Gonna Rain Samurai X Ending Song

you remember this guys? why oh why wooah its gonna rain

2. The Oystars – Nanka Shiawase Flame of Recca Opening


3. Mawatari Matsuko – Hohoemi no Bakudan Ghost Fighter/Yu Yu Hakusho     Opening

Me cha Me cha cho pi ri oto ra sa

4 Pizzicato Five – Sweet Soul Revue Ranma 1/2

Hola! Hola! Hola!

5. Megumi Kojima – Fruits Candy Cardcaptor Sakura Ending

Well? fruits candy HAHA!



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