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A Boy and His Blob Mobile – First Impression

by Geek

A Boy and His Blob was tagged on the “Game for Sale” items on Google Play. Fortunately, I was there to download the game and experience it first hand. While I haven’t gone far from the game as of the moment, let’s start of with a first impression post!


A Boy and His Blob - NES

A Boy and His Blob – NES

A Boy and His Blob started off way back 2009 and was originally ported on NES. Then as the gaming industry evolves as always, last year it was ported on mobile devices both on iOS and Android. The game however is currently at 1,000+ install ranking as of this writing which is quite odd. I was honestly expecting that since it was a game from the past, gamers from the old and new generation would have been interested for the revival of a nostalgic game.

Comparing to its previous version as presented above, the game has made tremendous progress from its original NES version. However, its current graphical representation was already achieved and was just maintained ever since it came to other consoles.


The game itself is quite entertaining but I haven’t gone through just yet to the depths of the game. That would explain this first impression posts’ probable lack of judgement. The graphics was good, controls was straightforward and of course, sounds were carefully selected.

There are areas that could be solved easily, while there are some that will require multiple retries before you could actually accomplish. I’d say it was because it was ported on a mobile device without a proper grip and actual buttons but still, I may be wrong.

I think the game is ideal for kids ages 7+ as it will help with their critical thinking skills. The game is definitely child friendly and no horrific figures could be seen in plain sight. So if you would want to try this game, you may just simply download the app on its current price ranging at $2.00 at our favorite App Stores.

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