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Reed – Mobile Game First Impression

by Geek

Here comes another first impression post for a game along the $2 budget! Reed by PXLink! Reed is a pixel art game currently garnering the 500,000 download count in PlayStore as of this writing and that count wasn’t bad at all!

Short Summary / What to Expect

Let’s tackle first what we’re getting at the beginning. The game’s setup is what seems to be an ending era of its world. The main protagonist looks like a cat and its creator is a computer. Or at least it looks like one. The story and how well it was delivered will obviously get your attention and it really seemed good and might be better as you go deeper. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it was pixel art and it should have been acceptable, the game has been bugging me with its font designs. Let’s save that one for later.

Game play

The game play is your typical pixel type game. Revolving on a 2D environment as jumping and dodging obstacles are obviously the basics. Puzzles are still questionable but still, there might be some as you go deeper. A thing I might want personally in the future is the calibration of the controls. While you are given gigantic controls for LEFT, RIGHT and JUMP behaviors, it really felt like the sensitivity was too high. Or as any other game, as you play – you’ll just get used to it.


Now for my over all impression on the game. Personally, the game and its concept seems pretty good. I’m definitely enjoying it and it was a great way to pass the time. However, what I hated the most about it (and it is a pain to say that I hated something out of a game) is the fonts. As I have mentioned earlier the game’s fonts are terrible if you ask me. It’s difficult to read between those lines and the transition was sometimes REALLY fast. It’s like asking yourself, “were those even words?”.

Don’t get me wrong. To sum it up. The game is good. The font is bad. Frustratingly bad.

I am not much of a PC Gamer, so I just recently found out that the game was previously on Steam. Have you tried this there and how different was it on the mobile version? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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