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To Be Hero X Anime – Key Visuals and Trailer Dropped

by Denueve C.
To be Hero X New Visuals and Trailer

To Be Hero X, a highly anticipated anime adaptation has recently unveiled a new trailer and key visual that have left fans buzzing with excitement. Based on the popular Chinese animated series, the upcoming anime promises to deliver a unique and captivating storyline filled with humor, action, and remarkable character development. As we explore the latest developments surrounding To Be Hero X, we’ll relay the latest key visuals we’ve got our hands on.

This new series is a collaboration between Chinese and Japanese creators and it first came out in 2016. It garnered so much support that it already has two seasons: To Be Hero and To Be Heroine.

To Be Hero X Anime’s Release Date and New Trailer

Last September 26, 2023, a brand new trailer for To Be Hero X Anime was uploaded on the Aniplex YouTube channel and boy was it fire. An exact release date is not yet revealed, but sources indicates that it will premiere at the end of 2023 on Crunchyroll and Bilibili.

A new visual for the series also shows major characters, and astounding art and design selection for the hyped up series with director Haoloing Li. For other production related sauce, it is said that BeDream is coming to the table together Bilibili and Aniplex when it comes to the series’ production, while Studio LAN together with Paper Plane Animation shall handle the animation.

To be Hero X - Teaser Visual
To be Hero X – Teaser Visual

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