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Danmachi Season 5 starts Fall of 2024

by Geek
Danmachi Season 5 Key Visual

Finally, after waiting for what feels like forever, Danmachi season 5 is officially confirmed to be coming to screens in May 2024. This anime is based on one of my favorite light novels, and I can’t wait to see it come to life. Huge shoutout to the author, Fujino Omori, for creating such an amazing story, and to the illustrator, Suzuhito Yasuda, for making the characters so vibrant. The new season is called “The Goddess Of The Bountiful Harvests Arc.”

New Characters!

The news about season 5 didn’t just come alone – we also got to see some character visuals, which makes everything even more exciting. Here are the details about the three new characters and their voice actors:

  • – Yoshitsugu Matsuoka voices Bell Cranel
  • – Shizuka Ishigami voices Syr Flover
  • – Inori Minase voices Hestia

Behind the Scenes

Hideki Tachibana is directing at Studio J.C Staff, while Fujino Omori and Hideki Shirane are handling the series composition. Shigeki Kimoto is in charge of the character designs, and Keiji Inai is responsible for the music.

The Story

The story follows Bell Cranel and his adventurous life in a world where monsters attacking are the least of your worries. Following his grandfather’s advice to protect girls, Bell soon realizes that sometimes, it’s the girls who end up saving him. His relationships with different girls make the story exciting and entertaining to watch.

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