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Duck Warfare – Mobile Game First Impression

by Geek

Wow! Just wow. I could not contain the amusement and awe when I saw this one up on Play Store. I mean, there are really people buying this kind of game!? And we’re not talking about a simple game with little download count around here. I’m telling you, this is astounding.

Short Summary / What to Expect

Duck Warfare, a cartoon / childish display of graphics with a pretty straight forward gameplay made by lonelybench. The setup is just like the famous “Plants vs Zombies” where you just plant your saplings and let ’em Zombies come right at you. The only thing worth noting about this game is its mature sense of humor if you ask me. Back to its gameplay, after every duck you place on the battle field, you’ll just have to wait for your duck bucks (the game’s currency) to reach the right amount so you could place another one. Enemies strengthen after every progression and you’ll find a “Ducks4Us” store to buy upgrades and other type of ducks that will help you with your battle the antagonists. Oh and one last thing, it also had a “Flappy Bird” style of duck jumping on those pipes on another mode of the game.


I was really astounded that a game like this which was sold for nearly 2 bucks made such a huge download count. But who am I to judge. I enjoyed playing a clicker game before and am still considering to download it anytime soon. Clearly, this game is NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS due to its violent content and mature sense of humor which is pretty funny. So let’s just keep it to us adults here.

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