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Fast way to Second Job – Ragnarok Online

by Geek

Ever wondered how on earth do players reach second job as if they were playing 24/7? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here today we’ll discuss how to reach the second job of the ever popular Ragnarok Online on commercial servers! While some players insists on sticking to proper leveling maps, here on the other hand comes a very easy way to have that first job class reach second job in no time!

Introducing the now popular map of Ayothaya. Rest assured that this map is available anytime as it is accessible in starting servers even on the earlier episodes of the game. Though accessible via quest, I’m pretty sure that some Acolytes have already made it past through so just ask ’em to warp you there. Still, should you want to reach the map without the help of these money making Acolytes, you could simply follow this link below.

Ayothaya Dungeon Quest

Recommended Level – 40 – 45 Base Level

Where – Lower Right of Alberta
Here you will find those money making Acolytes that will warp you for 2000 – 5000 zeny. Hence, proceed with the quest.

What to Bring

– Potions
– Lots of Fly Wing
– Patience (you’ll need this for those cancer Archers and Mages)

Quest Items (Needed to gain access to the map. One time quest)

– 1 Solid Husk
– 1 Nine Tails
– 1 Holy Water
– 1 Fabric

After obtaining these quest items, simply follow the guide from the link provided above at Step 2. The old lady Boonthom will give you a Holy Thread right after bringing those quest items then proceed to Step 3. That is where the old man will push you to the lower part of the map only accessible via the quest.

You need not to go further after getting pushed through the map since you’re now standing at the right spot.

Target Monster: Leaf Cat

HP – 2396
Base Experience – 165
Job Experience – 1212

Leaf Cat Monster

Source: DeviantArt

Leaf Cats are looter type brute monsters that could be easily killed especially when you’re using an AGI Type character. It’s damage normally goes around 200-300 so you should at least be prepared when they land a hit since you’re currently at your first job class which gives you a near 1000 HP.

Mobs to Ignore

Wootan Fighter – could cast a Level 5 Magnum Break
Beetle King – has a higher hit rate than Leaf Cats

Wootan Fighter is where your Fly Wings will come in handy. Should they ever come near you when you’re at your lowest, simply use the fly wing and land to safety. Beetle King on the other hand is not much of a threat. However, when a group of Beetle King is in place when you attack one of them, they’ll try to bring you down by assisting their kind.


By now you should’ve figure out that Leaf Cat is a monster that will just help you reach the second job fast. So try to kill then teleport (Fly Wing) from time to time as respawn is always at random. Though there’s a bunch of them, you’ll always encounter cancer Archers and Wizards (even other class) that will instantly kill your target even before you make contact.

This guide is solely based on my own experience and does not mean that this is the only way to reach the second job class on Ragnarok almost immediately so stay tuned for more other information regarding the game soon!

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