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Bloody Monday Manga – Opinion

by Geek

Bloody Monday – a thrilling manga that was first released way back 2007 is a manga series which needs an anime adaptation in our own opinion. A story that focuses on a high-school student which was considered as a “genius” in hacking.

Being indulged in technology, I found it great that there were existing series just like this. Fictional as any other manga, Ryumo Ryo (writer) sure did a great research and has taken deep understanding when it comes to hacking featuring Linux terminologies and series of hacking techniques. The story demonstrates realistic and possible ways to penetrate a system to spying the entire world wide web and even reduce the time of processing by multiple levels!

Ten years since its first release, the series only received a live adaptation but never have I heard about an Anime counterpart. I’m pretty sure that the studios in Japan could make this happen but for some reason, I’m still searching for a factual or a stated reason at all. I mean, Death Note became a world wide hit which even includes a Western Live action remake via Netflix but why not Bloody Monday? It was also a battle of minds especially when a hacker versus hacker made a head-on collision over the network. It might reach a lesser audience due to its technical features but it’s the era of computers. I’m pretty sure that many would get interested. Consider also the succession of hacking related movies released not only on the Western countries!

If you’re not a fan of Manga, then try the live action. I’m sure it’ll be worth your while.

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