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Identity V x Sanrio Crossover Event

by Geek
Identity V x Sanrio

The super cool game Identity V has teamed up with Sanrio to bring you an exciting crossover event. You’ll get to hang out with your favorite Sanrio characters and have a blast exploring the manor. It’s going to be a magical experience filled with laughter and fun!

Crossover Event and Sanrio Characters Picnic Party

During this special event, Identity V will have a limited-time crossover with Sanrio characters. By completing event tasks, you can unlock some really cool stuff like a special Portrait Frame and Portraits of Hello Kitty Dream and Dreamy Cinnamoroll.

If you manage to complete all the tasks, you’ll even get a crossover pet! You can choose between Survivor – Hello Kitty Mechanics Doll or Survivor – Cinnamoroll Mechanics Doll.

Cute Crossover Costume

Oh, and there’s more! You can also get your hands on some adorable costumes. In the store, you’ll find Gardener – Hello Kitty Dream costume and Photographer – Dreamy Cinnamoroll costume. They’re only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

Remember, you’ll need to use the Echo to make your purchases. And guess what? There’s a surprise discount during the first week. So, hurry up and grab these cute outfits!

Gardener – Hello Kitty Dream

The super lively and cheerful Hello Kitty is inviting you to check out The Gardener – Hello Kitty Dream costume. You can have a blast with Hello Kitty at Oletus Manor.

Gardener Hello Kitty
Emma Woods

Photographer – Dreamy Cinnamoroll

Get ready to meet a beautiful friend from the sky! The Photographer – Dreamy Cinnamoroll costume is available in the store. This cute character is excited to have a fun time with all the Identity V players. Don’t miss out on the chance to hang out with Dreamy Cinnamoroll!

Dreamy Cinnamoroll

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Manor Winter Party with your favorite Sanrio characters in Identity V’s latest crossover event. It’s available online now! There are also some special activities for a limited time. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to get a unique costume and pet in the store and be a part of this lovely winter celebration at the manor. Have a blast!

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