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The Power of Philippine Mythology: A Review of SINAG Fighting Game

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SINAG FIghting Game Review


Recently came out of the pre-registration from Google Play, let’s dive to the world of SINAG Fighting Game, a mobile 1v1 fighting game developed by Ranida Games in collaboration with the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Garnering the hype of the Filipino community, it has recently burst onto the scene, captivating gamers with its unique blend of Philippine mythology and engaging gameplay mechanics. With a plethora of positive reviews flooding in, it’s time to take a closer look at what makes this game a standout in the mobile gaming arena.

One of the first things that allures players is the seamless animation of movements within the game. Personally, I have never thought that a Filipino-made game could be made with such meticulousness. The characters and environments are well crafted, showcasing a level of detail that is nothing short of impressive. Despite other games being somewhat easy to discredit, every aspect of SINAG’s visuals is a testament to the dedication of its developers. It’s not just a game; it’s a visual spectacle.


SINAG Fighting Game embraces the legacy of classics like Tekken, Marvel vs Capcom and Street Fighter, infusing the allure of Philippine mythology into its 1v1 combat. With a user-friendly control scheme featuring four buttons and directional inputs, it strikes a balance between accessibility and depth, welcoming players of all levels. While easy to pick up, mastering combos and special moves demands a level of skill and strategy, reminiscent of the golden era of fighting games.

The game’s core objective revolves around engaging in dynamic one-on-one battles with a diverse cast of eight characters, each wielding unique abilities. Progressing through SINAG’s immersive narrative, rooted in Philippine folklore, unlocks characters and stages, immersing players deeper into its rich cultural tapestry. Though the game maintains a moderate difficulty level, some characters exhibit advantages in reach, adding an extra layer of tactical consideration. Standout features include the emphasis on combo-driven gameplay, rewarding precision and strategy, and a vivid array of backgrounds showcasing iconic Philippine locales. While some stages might benefit from more dynamic design elements, the overall gameplay experience in SINAG Fighting Game is a testament to the developers’ commitment to delivering a culturally resonant and enthralling fighting experience.

Graphics and Sounds

SINAG Fighting Game boasts a visually striking experience with meticulous attention to detail but still has large room for improvement. However, while the animation and special effects are commendable, there’s room for more dynamic stage designs, particularly in static backgrounds. In the realm of audio, the game offers a unique auditory experience. It leans on a repertoire of vintage sound effects that evoke a sense of nostalgia, though they may feel somewhat dated to modern gamers. The sparing use of background music allows the focus to remain on the combat itself. Notably, the voiceovers for the characters are a standout element, delivering performances that align seamlessly with each character’s persona. Overall, SINAG offers a distinctive auditory experience, though a broader selection of sound effects and a more varied musical backdrop could further elevate the game’s audio appeal.

Replay Value

SINAG Fighting Game offers a captivating narrative experience through its well-crafted story mode, drawing inspiration from Philippine mythology. However, while the existing storylines are engrossing, the limited number may leave players craving more. The allure of unlocking characters with unique abilities provides a strong incentive for replay, yet the addition of collectibles could further enhance this sense of achievement. While Versus and Training modes offer additional gameplay options, expanding on these or introducing new modes could significantly elevate the game’s replay value. To realize its full potential and establish a lasting presence, regular updates with fresh content are imperative, breathing new life into the game and solidifying its status as a mobile gaming classic.

In essence, SINAG Fighting Game lays a solid foundation with its engaging story mode and diverse character roster. However, to truly shine and secure a lasting position in the gaming world, a consistent flow of updates is crucial. By introducing new elements like characters, stages, and storylines, SINAG has the potential to evolve into a timeless classic in the fighting game genre, captivating players with an ever-evolving experience that keeps them eagerly anticipating each update.


The game is currently available on Google Play with no available details if it would be released on iOS. We’ll update this post should we get our hands on some more information.


In spite of minor quibbles, SINAG Fighting Game stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of Philippine culture and folklore. Characters like Kapre, White Lady, Tikbalang and more offer players a chance to immerse themselves in captivating supernatural encounters drawn from Philippine mythology.

As the game continues to garner attention and admiration, it’s evident that SINAG is on the right path. Yeah, SINAG. That rings so much better than their lengthy game name. With a dedicated team behind it, there’s no doubt that future updates will refine and expand this already stellar gaming experience. The potential for SINAG to become a staple in the mobile gaming world is unmistakable, and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

Photos Credits: SINAG Fighting Game Facebook Page / SINAG Play Store

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