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ConcernedApe Drops another update! Stardew Valley 1.6.3 is Now Live!

by Geek
Stardew Valley 1.6 Release Date

Guess what, guys? ConcernedApe has just dropped another update for Stardew Valley! Can you believe it? Version 1.6.3 is now live, and there have been some cool changes made.

Version 1.6.3 Updates

So, what’s new with this update? Thankfully, ConcernedApe has made a X post about it.

For a listed version, please refer to the list below.

  • You can now access Clint’s shop and geode service while your tool is being upgraded.
  • Increased raccoon bug meat and bat wing request amount
  • Harvesting moss now grants 1 foraging exp per moss
  • Infinite Power achievement is now more generous with how it activates, allowing pre-1.6 saves to trigger the achievement
  • Adds mine cart shortcut to year 1 Spirit’s Eve festival
  • You now have to collect (not just donate) the 4 prismatic shards for the “Four Precious Stones” Qi Quest
  • The Junimo Kart Qi Quest now rewards 20 Qi gems (up from 10)
  • Adds new cabins to starter layouts for multiplayer.
  • Starter cabins now appear in the actual order intended.
  • Adult mossy green rain trees boost the moss growth rate of nearby trees
  • If a Journal quest title is too wide, the clock icon and the rest of the text will be shifted down to make room
  • You can now press the Escape or menu button to “go back” on a shipping menu category page
  • Adjustments to moss growth (grows slower on sunny summer days, recovers slower after harvest)
  • Reduced meteorite prismatic shard chance (100% -> 25%)
  • You can now paint the new cabins (at 3rd upgrade level)
  • Ancient seed packets excluded from sale at traveling cart (for any reason), you can start adoptinng them from Marnie’s 20% plus a small new random bonus chance)
  • Made waterfall and other ambient positional sounds fade out more smoothly
  • Added a catch-all case: if it’s year 2 and you don’t have a pet
  • Made berry bush state consistent overnight and on load (both at
  • Minor graphical fixes -Fixes several translation errors and missing translations
  • Fixes large character sprites having a visual glitch (e.g. bear, island frog, clint hammering)
  • Fixed a visual error in the shop menu if an item’s name was longer than the width of the menu
  • Fix a crash related to the new festival
  • Fix a bug that was causing excess trash to be fished
  • Fixed bug preventing Emily’s 10 heart mail and event from triggering
  • Fixed some graphics issues with Shipping menu
  • Fixed several more spawn-out-of-bounds cases
  • Added Krobus portrait

Platform Availability

But here’s the catch – as of right now, these updates are only available for PC players. Sorry, console and mobile gamers, you’ll have to wait a little longer for these changes to come to your platform. Hopefully, ConcernedApe will make an announcement soon about when we can expect to see these updates on other platforms.

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