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No Game No Life’s creator talks about the show’s second season.

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No Game No Life creator talks about Season 2

In 2014 the anime series No Game No Life gained popularity, for its humor and excitement capturing the hearts of viewers. Despite its success a second season has yet to be released. The author of the light novels Yuu Kamiya recently expressed his desire for a continuation of the series through media.

A Strong Desire

“Its been a decade since No Game No Life ” conveyed Yuu Kamiya in his message emphasizing his plea for a season. This heartfelt request underscores his longing for another installment of the show. Fans have been eagerly anticipating an update. Unfortunately there has been no announcement regarding a sequel.

Hope for the Future

Despite the prolonged absence since the initial season aired loyal fans continue to hold onto hope. Other anime series, like ” Exorcist” and “Classroom of the Elite” have made comebacks after extended hiatuses giving enthusiasts reason to believe that No Game No Life may also make a return. Presently fans can only remain optimistic. Keep their fingers crossed for the possibility of a season.

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