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The Garden of Words – Review

by Geek

For our review today, let’s tackle about a movie that made a seeming crossover from the popular animated film, Kimi No Na Wa. Also known by its English title “Your Name”.

If you still didn’t knew, The Garden of Words and Kimi No Na Wa are made by the same director, Makoto Shinkai. In line to that, according to a wikia content, the director included the main character of The Garden of Words so he could meet with its voice actress. While the link to its reference already returns a “Page could not be loaded” view, it still remains that there was a great resemblance if it was not the same character.

So for the details of this review, let’s start off with a typical entrance. The whole film only lasts for roughly an hour. There was not much converstaion but the attention to detail regarding the animation was splendid. I’m not sure though if I’m just easily moved but I think it was definitely great. Each droplet of the rain, the scenery it creates and the feel it was supposed to make you feel went all down to great detail. It displays the great beauty you could find on Japan itself as the main area it displayed was based on a real location which could be found in Shinjuku Gyoen National Park.

The story line seems pretty straightforward if you ask me but it still deals a great impact to the viewer. I honestly think that it was named the Garden of Words due to its beautiful poetry.

It seems that there isn’t much to talk about regarding the film and it seems pretty ironic if you ask me. I mean, it was named “The Garden of Words” but I couldn’t write that much about it. One thing I can at least assure is the fact that I was definitely moved. It was wonderfully and beautifully made.

Image Source:
[1] The Flame

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