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The Night of the Living Cat Manga to Get Anime Adaptation in 2025

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Night of the Living Cat

Mag Garden announced on February 22, also known as “Cat Day” in Japan, that the manga will be getting its own anime adaptation.

The official website revealed that the anime is set to premiere in 2025, along with the release of a teaser trailer to get fans even more excited.

About the Manga

The Night of the Living Cat manga first debuted in October 2020 in Mag Garden’s Comic Garden publication. The fifth volume was just released in Japan on February 22. For English readers, Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the manga and released the third volume in October 2023, with the fourth volume scheduled for release on June 11.

Seven Seas Entertainment describes the manga series as a thrilling story where a virus turns humans into cats, and the few survivors must fight back against the feline horde. The main character, Kunagi, has no memory of his past but a deep knowledge of cats. Can he resist the urge to cuddle these furry beasts and survive the cat-tastrophe?

Next Manga Award Nomination and Winners

In 2021, the Night of the Living Cat manga was nominated for the Best Printed Manga category in the Next Manga Award. While it didn’t win that year, the award went to other deserving mangas like Oshi no Ko and Kaiju No. 8. The following years saw different winners, with 2023 being a big year for new manga talents.

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