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By the Grace of the Gods – Anime Review

by Denueve C.
By the Grace of Gods Review - Arc Realm

Today, I would like to introduce an Anime that officially made me feel old. Or maybe it shows that I’m having a different interest/mindset now. But yeah, I am old. Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko or known by its English title as By the Grace of Gods, is an Isekai series which focuses on the adventures of the protagonist and the way he lived on the other world.

You’ve read that first part right. The first season tackles mostly how he handles his new life on a different world given the knowledge he had. It was surprisingly relaxing. A much needed break when not at work. So let’s head on to our most common subsections.

Is it Good?

Another Isekai in our list! Despite its Isekai theme, you would be surprised to find out that the elements of the series did not focus on battles and such. It is good and surprising given the fact that we haven’t got much of this genre on our list.

Music and Voice Actors

Thankfully voice actors were a fit. Though a rare sight to see voice actors to not match their characters, there are still some that just couldn’t. Now for the opening song. The opening is just as relaxing as the entire series. You may feel that you’re listening to the closing theme though. While for the closing soundtrack, this one feels like it should be the opening. However, it is in a way claims that the song is indeed for the closing.


Animation wise, I think they had it in solid. The studio, Maho Film, who did the animation also handled some of the mainstream series most of us are watching. Scenery wise, art style. I think it was superb.


Storywise, By the Grace of the gods is a refreshing Anime that was granted to us in the midst of the pandemic. The adventure, growth and flow of the series is really refreshing and unique on its own. It is where living the best of his life is the main challenge for our Ryoma. Am not a solid manga reader so I could never find out what season 2 would have in store for us. Let’s just hope they would still push through.


To sum it up, this Anime series is definitely a must watch on our list. In a world where we battle depression, this series is a good ice breaker. Despite the fantasy that it holds, it is a much needed escape to relax our wits.

Have anything you may want to add? Don’t hesitate to use the comment box below!

Image Source: Funimation

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