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Resident Evil 4 Now Available for iOS devices

by Geek
Resident Evil 4 on iOS

After being revealed during the Apple Event 2023, the well-known action survival horror game Resident Evil 4 is now playable on the Apple App Store. With customizable gameplay, iOS users with the iPhone 15 and iPad Pro series may now have the relaxing experience of the game on their devices.

For a restricted time, interested players can download the game and play it for free. If players want to carry on with the exhilarating journey, they can purchase the entire experience in-app. The game takes up about 70GB of space, so be sure your device has enough capacity.

Resident Evil 4 suggests using a controller to play for a better gaming experience on its App Store page, particularly while playing on an iPad. Better gaming is guaranteed by Apple for those who choose this configuration. But not every controller works with the iPad, so before making a choice, users should check the list of compatible controllers on Apple’s website.

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