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The Apothecary Diaries Season 2 Announced!

by Geek
Apothecary Diaries Season 2

The first season of The Apothecary Diaries anime just finished airing, and fans are already buzzing with excitement for season 2, set to premiere in 2025. The announcement came with a brand new teaser visual that has everyone talking!

The first season kicked off on October 21 with three action-packed episodes. The season lasted for two cours, which is like two quarters of a year. You can catch all the episodes on Crunchyroll, either in Japanese with subtitles or dubbed in English.

Behind the Scenes

The first season was brought to life by director Norihiro Naganuma from TOHO Animation and OLM. He’s known for his work on The Ancient Magus’ Bride season 1 and also supervised the scripts for The Apothecary Diaries. Akinori Fudesaka was the assistant director, and Yukiko Nakatani designed the characters. Shōji Hata took care of the sound direction, while the music was composed by Satoru Kousaki, Kevin Penkin, and Arisa Okehazama.

About The Apothecary Diaries

The Apothecary Diaries is a popular Japanese light novel series written by Natsu Hyuuga and illustrated by Touko Shino. It started as a web novel on Shoetsu ni Narou and was later picked up by Kadokawa. The light novel series officially launched in December 2017.

The story is set in the imperial court of the fictional empire of Tianliang and follows Maomao, a clever young woman who ends up working in the palace after being sold into slavery. Her medical skills catch the eye of Jinshi, the head of the imperial medical office, and she gets caught up in the political drama of the court.

Source: Anime News Network

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