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The Rising of the Shield Hero – Review

by Denueve C.

Also known as Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, The Rising of the Shield Hero which first aired last January 9, 2019 is an anime whose main protagonist’s main weapon is, just as you’ve read, a Shield. Other than the main weapon, our protagonist Naofumi is nothing alike our favorite shield focused hero Captain America. This anime is also an Isekai. Something that’s been making the rounds and trends on during this decade.

Is it Good?

If you’ve been reading our reviews before, you might have known that we’ve been a fan of Isekai themed anime regardless if it garnered unnecessary hate. While this anime isn’t something that trends continuously, story wise it’s something that is worth watching. Frankly speaking, we think it’s good.

Music and Voice Actors

For its opening and closing soundtrack, guess we could say that this series nailed it. The hype it builds before you watch the series suits it best. Actually felt like listening to DragonForce for the opening. For the voice actors, this is where it gets commendable. The emotion of the voice actors especially the main protagonist gives life and suits to the whole series. Actually, this is the series where I started to get conscious of the voice actors tone, dialogue and emotions so a thumbs up to that too.


Animation is definitely good, no doubt about that. Not that I’m keeping track of the studios that handles the animation but I’d still say the animation is good. Am not a fan of what seemed like cel shaded animation but it seems that it was the trend nowadays so that’s something you’d see every now and then. Thankfully, it’s not that much.


As I am writing this review I could actually recall the scenes I’ve watched from this series. How the main protagonist was made to look like the antagonist was definitely something good. Guess that’s because I haven’t watch a lot of series that holds that same approach but what I could say is that it is well executed. It gave life to the core of the story and how they managed to overcome the hardships and trials they have to face. The first season also ended in a great cliffhanger that makes you feel satisfied and wanting for more.


So for the conclusion, I would definitely recommend you to watch this series. It felt something fresh for some reason if it was not and if you’ve read what we’ve liked about the series from our opinion above, this is something you should have been expecting for a conclusion.

Got anything you want to say? Or perhaps a suggestion you may want to add? Drop your comments below!

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