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Parallel World Pharmacy – Anime Review

by Denueve C.
Parallel World Pharmacy Anime Review

Today let’s dive into a segment of our anime review! There’s been a lot of competition since tools are getting abundant but without further ado, let me take you to a captivating isekai themed anime but as a medical researcher – Parallel World Pharmacy.

A little different from typical isekai themed animes, we find our protagonist taking the place of someone else after being isekai’ed. Which I think is a bit different. Since as of this writing, I sure haven’t watched anything similar to this.

Maybe if you got some there, you could drop ‘em down at the comment section.

So we then find our protagonist, Yakatuni resting peacefully reaching new worlds in the process as the first episode of Parallel World Pharmacy. Apparently you don’t need a truck anymore just like many other isekais but since the majority of their religion believes in reincarnation, isekai themed anime is something we could expect for years more to come.


Being so good in the medical field, Yakatuni has been granted reincarnation. Or just because, well, reincarnation is a thing in them. However, this is where it gets a bit different. He is reincarnated to an existing body. Not the kind where one gets transported and given a new body but his soul is given to a newly deceased one as a do over. This brings Yakatuni carrying over a new identity as Falma while being overpowered and all. Maybe even transcending to god-like human being. Well, you’d see it for yourself should you try watching this. As he turns into royalty, he’s accompanied by trusted henchmen and teachers where they ended up setting their pharmacy.


Transported to a medieval world setting where magic is also part of the norm, Yakatuni finds himself in a 10-year old body of Falma de Médicis. A boy from a renowned family of medical practitioners expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. Eventually he later on accomplished his own personal goal of having his own pharmacy where he takes a foot on a guild trying to shut down his store. Sounds plain and more of a slice-of-life genre anime. But this is a medieval setting with magic right? Well, having magical skills has its drawbacks and from here we manage to venture into battles not purely on skills, swords and enchantments but also from a medical point of view where intentional plague has been set in motion and how a 10-year old overpowered boy could accomplish his feat.


For art and animation, I could confirm that everything is satisfactory. Coming from Diomedea studio, the studio behind Ahiru no Sora, the one I personally expected to be the next “Slam Dunk”. Together with their other creations which I personally haven’t watched yet. Everything seems in place. The setting, the cut scenes and voice actors and actresses are in line. I think they managed to wield their creativity with brilliance. The landscapes, designs and even the equipment for the medical field are somewhat on point and yes, it is FANTASTIC.


Soundtrack is just as important as the overall show. Surely you could relate when asked what is the most memorable soundtrack you’ve heard from an anime. While some of it has been flawlessly executed and liven up the whole thing, some studios failed to reach that point at selecting the appropriate soundtrack for an anime. And to this, I’d say kudos to the studio for the wonderful opening track. It gives you a hopeful and lively vibe and a sense for greater discovery. While the closing track seems lacking a bit and doesn’t fit the overall vibe, it’s not something that is far from what you’d expect for closing tracks. Nevertheless, the opening soundtrack makes you hum for its melodies which made me recollect my memories of this enchanting world.


For an isekai themed anime, I think this is a hidden gem that is overlooked by many. Overpowered characters are somewhat traditional nowadays but the mixture of fantasy, medicine and magic blends in just naturally for this anime. Even managed to finish the whole season in a few sittings. I’d say that it’s somewhat fresh for its kind but anime suggestions from other sources sure think otherwise and I somewhat start to crave for a next season. Which we don’t know just yet! But if you happen to like these type of content, consider liking, commenting, and follow or subscribe to us as we hope to have stirred your cravings for new anime to watch!

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