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Dragon Ball Daima: A New Adventure for Dragon Ball Fans!

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Dragon Ball Daima

We’ve got some awesome news for you. A brand new Dragon Ball anime series called “Dragon Ball Daima” was announced at New York Comic-Con!

What’s Dragon Ball Daima All About?

So, what’s this new series about? Well, in Dragon Ball Daima, our favorite characters, like Goku and his friends, find themselves in a bit of a pickle and got mysteriously get turned into kids! Sounds like a lot like GT right?

To change back to their normal selves, they have to explore a whole new world and go on exciting adventures. And guess what? Goku will be using his signature Power Pole in battles finally making it seem like the Monkey King inspiration is coming back.

Similarities to Dragon Ball GT

If you remember Dragon Ball GT, you might find some similarities with Dragon Ball Daima. In GT, Goku was turned into a child and had to collect the Black Star Dragon Balls to save Earth. But in Daima, the whole gang gets transformed into kids! Based on the initial preview, even Shin the East Supreme Kai was in his young form.

Daima brings back some elements from the original Dragon Ball series, like Goku’s Power Pole. It’s a nod to the good old days and will make long-time fans feel nostalgic. Still wondering about his Flying Nimbus though.

What Makes Dragon Ball Daima Different?

One big difference between Dragon Ball Daima and GT is the involvement of Akira Toriyama, the original creator. Toriyama is taking charge of Daima, making sure it stays true to his vision for the Dragon Ball universe.

But do take note that Daima is not a sequel to GT. They exist in separate timelines and have different levels of canonicity. Daima is officially recognized, while GT is not.

What About Dragon Ball Super?

For Dragon Ball Super. It’s been five years since the “Tournament Arc” ended in 2018, and fans have been eagerly waiting for more.

Still, Dragon Ball Super might not be completely off the table. The announcement of Dragon Ball Daima is part of the franchise’s 40th-anniversary celebrations, which means there’s still hope for more Dragon Ball Super in the future.

Dragon Ball Daima is set to premiere in 2024 and keep your fingers crossed for more Dragon Ball Super adventures. It’s an exciting time to be a Dragon Ball fan!

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